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Cinderella Framed Art

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Framed So This Is Love
So This Is Love
by Walt Disney
15" x 12" Frame
Price: $153.99 
Sale: $76.99
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1 Item

Cinderella Framed Prints

The story of Cinderella has been told and retold so many times, that the plot is familiar to virtually everyone, kids and adults. Television in general and cartoonists in particular contributed to its soaring popularity , with FramedArt.com offering a bundle of framed Cinderella art prints authored by Walt Disney. The delicate girl and her fascinating story is evoked step by step through artwork, with all the key characters being featured in memorable scenes.
The iconic fairy tale has different forms and each interpretation is charming in its way and the same can be said about the framed Cinderella art posters. Vintage artwork such as the Cinderella for all the World to Love or Cinderella Disney Movie are a great choice for those who love the story and have a keen eye for beauty. The story itself is inspiring and should provide people with the impetus to persevere and keep their hope intact regardless of obstacles, because good things eventually come to those who wait.

Those who intend to set up a comprehensive collection, will be pleasantly surprised to discover that all the key scenes are covered. The “My Perfect Wedding” framed Cinderella art prints and the ones focusing on the dance scene are perhaps the most memorable ones. The artwork is rich in bright colors and creates the illusion of perpetual motion, which makes them a fine choice for bringing to life any room. In addition to serving certain decorative purposes, they also convey a powerful message for the charmed audience.
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