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Film Noir Posters

Film noir posters is a style of art that celebrates the film noir era. Film noir is a term commonly used for movies that involve criminal dramas. Films of this era capture pessimistic attitudes and the sexual enthusiasms of Hollywood actors and actresses. Dating back to the early 40s and up until the late 50s, film noir posters derives from French culture.

Film Noir art is an exquisite, glamorous, and classy style of art. These posters usually feature women dressed in long and elegant gowns wearing sinister facial expressions. These posters are meant to show deceit, intrigue and mystery of the film. If a man is featured in the art piece, he is usually not the dominant subject of the artwork.
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Film Noir Poster

Film Noir posters showcase the artistic styles of American films deriving from the French culture. It mainly consists of movie posters from different French drama films. These posters include some of Hollywood’s most celebrated actors and actresses, such as Humphrey Bogart, Lauren Bacall, Rita Hayworth and Mary Astor.

Infamous movies, such as Gilda, Double Indemnity and The Maltese Falcon, have their respective film noir poster featured. Not only does this form of art serve as a memory of what movies were like in the 1940s and 1950s, it can also add some Hollywood glam to your walls.

Finish your film noir poster with a black frame for a modern look or a gold frame to add some sparkle to your darker movie poster. For a bedroom, film noir art can add a sensual glam feel to your room. For a family room, film noir posters can add some historical sophistication as well as some style to your space.
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