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Framed Saint Bernard Art

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3 Items
Framed Off to School
Off to School
by Charles Burton Barber
19" x 17" Frame
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Price: $163.99 
Sale: $163.99
Framed Christmas Pup
Christmas Pup
by Jessica Mingo
18" x 18" Frame
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Price: $163.99 
Sale: $163.99
Framed Christmas Critters II
Christmas Critters II
by Farida Zaman
18" x 18" Frame
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Price: $168.99 
Sale: $168.99
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3 Items

Framed Saint Bernard Paintings

It’s hard to mistaken the Saint Bernard for virtually any other dog, due to their unique appearance and the attention paid to the breed by television. FramedArt.com has Framed Saint Bernard Art featuring regular dogs as well as the protagonist of the immensely popular Beethoven movie. The film was well received by both the critics and the audience, with the number of dogs adopted in the wake of its release exceeding all expectations.
Framed Saint Bernard Art do this breed justice, by providing people with an accurate idea about how these great looking dogs look like. Huge by any standards, with a rough or smooth coat, they have a long and heavy tail, which hangs low and comes in different colors. What makes these dogs special is that many of them didn’t receive special training and they simply followed the example of older dogs, to save people caused by avalanches. Today, they are gentle giants that enjoy the company of people in general and children in particular, without being territorial or aggressive.

The dogs originate from Switzerland, where they were routinely used as rescue dogs and that’s how they are portrayed in many Framed Saint Bernard Art. John Emms paintings are perhaps the best-known ones, featuring the giant dog with the brandy barrel at his neck, dashing through the snow. They are relentless in their quest and the most iconic representative of this breed went by the name of Barry and he allegedly saved up to 100 lives.
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Framed 'Christmas Critters 3 Piece Framed Art Print Set' border= 'Christmas Critters 3 Piece Framed Art Print Set' 
by Farida Zaman  
Price: $359.99
Sale: $359.99
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