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Framed Stanley Cup Posters

Back in 1892, Lord Stanley of Preston awarded the first trophy to the best amateur ice hockey club in Canada and a year later, Montreal won the award. The trophy is named in his honor and keeps the memory alive through framed Stanley Cup posters. They focus mostly on the recent winners, with the last couple of decades being dominated by American teams, yet Toronto and Montreal fans can also find artwork celebrating their teams.
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Framed Stanley Cup Kids
Stanley Cup Kids
by Kenneth Gatewood
16" x 14"
Price: $103.99
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Framed Stanley Cup Art

The National Hockey League is widely regarded as the best championship in the world and it attracts players from all over the globe. Over the course of time, there were three different Stanley cups awarded as the NHL changed the format several times, but the trophy is still famous for its continuity. What makes this cup different is that a new one is manufactured every year and the teams get to keep the trophy, instead of passing it on to the next winners. Those who are in the market for framed Stanley Cup posters will find artwork dedicated to many victorious teams and the custom-made trophies they collected.

Over the last century, 95 cups were won but only 18 active teams and five that were disbanded had the honor of lifting this trophy. Framed Stanley Cup posters celebrate the dominance of these top hockey clubs, with the Montreal Canadiens sitting at the top of the list with 24 cups. They are also the last team from Canada to have won the Stanley Cup back in 1993, with the next trophies being won exclusively by American teams.
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