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Framed Abbott and Costello Posters

Abbott and Costello were immensely popular in the 40s and 50s, with their comedy routine amusing tens of thousands of Americans. has Framed Abbott and Costello Posters dedicated to the decades when they performed on stage, but also the most memorable films in which they starred. Both of them had been in this line of work for a long time before they met each other and decided to form this successful duo. It took them a while to make the transition from comedy to television, film and radio.
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Framed Abbott and Costello Art

Some of the Framed Abbott and Costello Posters are also containing the patter routine that made them famous, as “Who’s on first” is a memorable line in comedy. They brilliantly complemented each other on stage and worked well on radio, then landed their first roles on Broadway before eventually moving on to television. One Night in the Tropics was the first movie featuring them in supporting roles and a few years later they were given their own show on NBC.

The Framed Abbott and Costello Posters revolve mostly around the movies in which they had prominent roles, such as Buck Privates, Keep ’Em Flying, Pardon my Sarong and Who Done It. Their iconic roles in these productions are remembered in artwork, with the vast majority of the movies being produced before 1956. The last film the World of Abbott and Costello was produced in 1965 and it is actually a compilation of the most memorable scenes from their previous movies.
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