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Martin Shire has worked with different design firms, he has freelanced. He has worked with lots of real estate in advertising, and with websites, and then onto painting, illustration and fine art. He was born in Waltham Quebec but now makes his home in Victoria, BC. The mediums he uses in his art include acrylic paint, pencils and some oils also. Before he became an artist, he worked in different hotels, and even became an assistant manager of the Ascot Inn in Toronto. Initially the artist thought he couldn't make a living out of it, but he had the desire and wanted to be an artist in high school. He started using inks and watercolors, graduating to computer stylus and then to oils, acrylic and paint. His career in the arts started when he did editorial cartooning for local papers and he got to do layout as well. Braque, Picasso, Matisse and other art in which powerful shapes and colors are used are inspiration to Shire. Aside from art, he’s also a musician, he’s able to play keyboard and also composes his own music. Shire studied at Sheridan College in Oakville, Ontario and graduated with a diploma from their Illustration program. His formative years were spent doing extensive illustration and studio work in Montreal before he moved to Toronto where he painted amenity maps extensively in the commercial real estate sector. Today Shire has come full circle. The framed Martin Shire art are sold in some of the prestigious outlets in the world.
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Framed Realize 50% Off Art Prints
by Martin Shire
34" x 34"
Price: $280.99
Sale: $112.40
Framed Mirage
by Martin Shire
44" x 32"
Price: $327.99
Sale: $163.99
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2 Items
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