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Jules Scheffer (Born 1924) was born in Tjimahi, in the Dutch West Indies, West Java. In his early years as a boy and as an up and coming artist he used to explore the jungles where he was born and raised. He also painted "artist-concepts" for architects all over the US. As he came of age, his efforts turned to depicting his choice wildlife with such sensitivity and realism, that they seemed to come alive on his canvas. That enthusiasm is still with him to date. In his later years, Scheffer also became adept at painting with a pallet knife and many of his outstanding works have been created using that media. Scheffer says he was lucky to have a camera at a young age as that made his learning process to be easier. He used the camera to photograph exotic birds while he was hunting wild boar. His father arranged for him to enlist in the Royal Dutch Air Force in Australia when the Japanese attacked Java in 1942, so he was moved to the US to be trained as a pilot. He became a citizen of the US in 1950. Through his travels his love for photography and nature deepened. His love of nature which began in that manner has never deserted him. Scheffer’s art is highly priced by many collectors, especially the framed Jules Scheffer art that come ready to hang. He’s still open to learning new techniques; that’s why he’s always on the lookout for the current trends.
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Framed Hobies on the Beach
Hobies on the Beach
by Jules Scheffer
38" x 31"
Price: $273.99
Sale: $136.99
Framed Scarlet Macaw
Scarlet Macaw
by Jules Scheffer
22" x 34"
Price: $194.99
Sale: $97.49
Framed Blue and Gold Macaw
Blue and Gold Macaw
by Jules Scheffer
23" x 34"
Price: $201.99
Sale: $100.99
Framed Mountain Desert
Mountain Desert
by Jules Scheffer
37" x 30"
Price: $270.99
Sale: $135.49
Framed Blue Wings in Flight
Blue Wings in Flight
by Jules Scheffer
35" x 26"
Price: $218.99
Sale: $109.49
Framed Palm Desert
Palm Desert
by Jules Scheffer
42" x 30"
Price: $295.99
Sale: $147.99
Framed Easy Breezes
Easy Breezes
by Jules Scheffer
38" x 32"
Price: $270.99
Sale: $135.49
Framed Hooded Mergansers
Hooded Mergansers
by Jules Scheffer
31" x 23"
Price: $195.99
Sale: $97.99
Framed Yellow Nape
Yellow Nape
by Jules Scheffer
24" x 36"
Price: $212.99
Sale: $106.49
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9 Items
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