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Phyllis Hilburn loved art since her childhood. She spent her early childhood doing artwork. Being born in a military family, she travelled a lot, and these travels became her greatest source of inspiration. She was able to see much of the United States and the Far East. She finally decided to settle in Southern California. Today Phyllis is one of the best artists in the world and her art can be found in almost all corners of the world. They are found in many collections and in galleries, museums, homes and institutions. Her art is mainly availed as ready to hang framed Phyllis Hilburn art – there are many other finishing options available. Growing in a military family instilled in her a sense of humility and discipline that has helped her to relate well with her clients and achieve much success. Some of her earliest memories include the architecture, art, and landscapes of Japan were. When Phyllis began her training in art formally, some of her earliest artistic influences were the strong emotional line aspects of the works of Durer, and Rembrandt’s contrasts of light and dark. She studied at Woodbury University and California State University of Northridge, where she received a BS with Honors in Commercial Art. While Phyllis was working in the home décor field, she explored and continues to explore many media, subject matters and styles. She is currently exploring computer art and photography. Her art is admired by many and can be seen on the walls of some of the most esteemed buildings in the world.
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Framed Magnolia Noir
Magnolia Noir
by Phyllis Hilburn
56" x 40"
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