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Carlyn Iverson is a multitalented artist and illustrator. Her additional skills include 3-Dimensional model sculpting in Z Brush and 2-Dimentional animations for video output including music and voice overlay. For more than 30 years, she has worked as a creative professional bringing together science and art. Carlyn holds a bachelor of science degree from the University of Minnesota from the College of Biological Sciences. Upon graduation, she worked in the Biomedical Graphics Department of the University of Minnesota Hospitals where she learned skills of the medical illustration profession. Carlyn has also illustrated tropical insects. This she did for traveling exhibits that were designed by Outhouse Exhibits Design firm. She has also done some work for the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources and for wild orchid models for Maltbie Design firm, where she developed more than 200 illustrations for MNAqua, a national school curriculum package. Manqué is award-winning art package and curriculum bringing the freshwater ecology of Minnesota to students to increase awareness of water as an intrinsic and valuable resource. Additional projects for organizations such as Kongsberg Submarines, Taser International, and institutions such as the University of Vermont, the National Institute of Health, Lindblad Expeditions and National Geographic have made her art to be known all over the world; more so the framed Carlyn Iverson art. She has held a wide range of contracts for organizations, mostly freelance, creating illustration work for organizations such as the Minnesota Zoological Gardens and several major new exhibits. Carlyn has worked as an artist for two separate exhibit studios where she created murals, sculptured and did illustration work.
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Framed Diagram of a volcano erupting
Diagram of a volcano erupting
by Carlyn Iverson/Stocktrek Images
35" x 35"
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